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European cleaning market reports strong growth – report

Published 27th July, 2018 by Neil Nixon

European cleaning market reports strong growth – report

According to a recent report from Eurostat, the professional cleaning industry in Europe in 2016 registered a 6% year-on-year growth compared with 2015, with the largest contributors being Germany, the UK, France, Italy, and Spain.

Eurostat valued the European professional cleaning market at Euros 106 billion in terms of invoiced products and services. The major contributors by rank were:

  • Germany - Euros 21.55 billion, representing 19% of the European market.
  • UK - Euros 19.16 billion, representing 17% of the European market.
  • France - Euros 14.17 billion, representing 13% of the European market.
  • Italy - Euros 13.75 billion, representing 12% of the European market.
  • Spain - Euros 9.79 billion, representing 9% of the European market.

The market was made up of just over 248,000 companies with 15% registered in France, 14% in Germany, 13% in Italy, 11% in Spain, and 6% each in the UK, the Netherlands and Poland. In terms of productivity, the UK and Germany lead the pack with 17% of the market from just 6% of the operating companies for the UK, followed by Germany with 19% revenues from 14% of the companies’ base.

In terms of numbers of staff employed in each country, the key workforce contributors were Germany (27%), Spain (13%), the UK (12%), and France and Italy (both at 11%).

Eurostat noted that the largest segment of the industry was once again the building cleaning sector, which accounted for 69% of total revenues.

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