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Ergonomic packaging system expanded

Published 24th October, 2012 by Neil Nixon

Ergonomic packaging system expanded

The new Tork packaging system designed to make life easier for cleaners has been expanded to incorporate even more products. Refills for the space-saving Tork Compact Auto Shift toilet tissue system are now housed in Tork Easy Handling packaging packs. This means that a complete range of Tork products including Tork hand towels, toilet tissue, interfold napkins and centrefeed industrial rolls now come in the new ergonomic packaging.

Tork Easy Handling packaging has been designed for the convenience of cleaning staff and facilities managers. It was launched on the back of a recent SCA observational study into the working lives of cleaners. The study revealed that a substantial part of a cleaner’s work consists of carrying unwieldy packages of paper towels, toilet paper and other supplies for long distances. Tork Carry Pack plastic packaging and cardboard Tork Carry Boxes have been designed to help ease this burden.

“Not only does the packaging help to protect cleaning staff from injuries caused by lifting and carrying heavy boxes, it also offers huge advantages for FM companies,” said SCA product and segment manager Charlotte Branwhite. “Fewer cleaner injuries means a lower level of absenteeism which will help to increase productivity. And if cleaners save time spent carrying around product boxes and disposing of them when empty, they will have more time to focus on other tasks.”

Both the Tork Easy Handling Carry Pack and Carry Box have comfortable handles allowing staff to carry two packs at a time, one in each hand. The containers are also easier to open without the use of sharp tools such as scissors or knives and have features adapted to different finger sizes.

The Tork Carry Box is easy to fold flat when empty and its integral handles allow the cleaner to carry several empty boxes at a time to the recycling facility. All functions have been designed to be as intuitive as possible so that cleaners can easily see and understand them.

More than 100 cleaners tried and evaluated the Tork Carry Pack plastic packaging and the cardboard Tork Carry Box during a series of SCA trials. The testers concluded that the solutions represented a significant improvement in both ergonomics and efficiency.

“Cleaners spend a significant part of the day refilling paper towel, napkin and toilet paper holders,” said Kristian Grennfelt, packaging development and industrial design centre manager for Tork. “Our analysis of each task has produced a solution that helps to ease the strain on cleaning personnel’s backs and also saves them time, which is a good long-term investment for the company as well. This is just the first step: we are looking at improving all our solutions to make life easier for the people who use our products.”

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