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Environemental care with closed loop recycling

Published 23rd September, 2011 by Neil Nixon

Environemental care with closed loop recycling

Peter Grant Papers is looking after the environment by providing closed loop recycling to West Mercia Supplies. Using this process, Peter Grant Papers will collect all West Mercia Supplies’ waste paper when it delivers its away from home paper requirements.

West Mercia Supplies is owned by four local authorities - Worcestershire County Council, Hereford County Council, Shropshire County Council and Telford & Wrekin Council - who came together to improve their buying power and secure better deals for their customers, which include schools, colleges and other institutions. It currently sources blue and green inter-fold towels, toilet tissue, centre-feed rolls and hygiene rolls from Peter Grant Papers.

Phil d’Arcy, national account manager at Peter Grant Papers, said: “We have developed closed loop recycling to both improve the service we offer to organisations like West Mercia Supplies and to enhance our care for the environment. As with many organisations, despite its best efforts, West Mercia Supplies generates waste paper and we now, at the same time as delivering their away from home paper supplies, collect the waste paper and recycle it within our paper mill. Across our business we do all we can to minimise the road miles done by lorries that are not full. This contract helps us make sure all our lorries are full, and for West Mercia Supplies we are taking away the problem of disposing of their waste paper.”

Mike Philips, managing director of West Mercia Supplies, said: “We obviously do all we can to minimise waste paper but as with any organisation we cannot eliminate it completely. For example, we have to print large product catalogues for our customers outlining all the products they can source from us and it is impossible to cost- effectively print the precise number we need. Disposing of the excess can be difficult and expensive. This arrangement with Peter Grant Papers removes the problem for us and gives us the certainty that the paper is being recycled.”