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Ensuring hygiene for the RSPCA

Published 30th November, 2021 by Neil Nixon

Ensuring hygiene for the RSPCA

In February 2020, before the first Coronavirus lockdown was announced, Vincent Sherard-Bornshin, CEO of RSPCA Bury, Oldham and District, realised that hygiene was suddenly going to become paramount at his organisation’s premises.

Having had previous experience of similar machines, he approached Truvox International to see if he could obtain a Multiwash II. The company immediately arranged for a machine to be delivered - as a donation - by a local distributor.

“For many years we’ve been using traditional mop and bucket cleaning methods for the floors at the centre, and the outcome simply wasn’t good enough,” said Vincent Sherard-Bornshin. “I felt that the Multiwash was the only machine which would satisfy the need to ensure that we could close any gaps in our existing cleaning protocols, to not only fully clean and sanitise, but to ensure that communicable diseases are controlled, including Coronavirus. Not just for the welfare of the animals but all employees and visitors. We needed to be able to use a machine daily, but also as a deep cleaning solution. Many areas of our large centre feature Altro flooring which is chosen for its non-slip qualities, but can trap dirt and is often difficult to clean, but not with a Multiwash II. The Bury, Oldham and District centre inevitably has zoonotics in the premises - infectious diseases that can be passed between animals or from animal to human - so cleaning is paramount. I could see that the floors needed regular deep cleaning, and that’s why I was delighted when we received our Multiwash II, as I knew it would make all the difference.”

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