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Enhance Office Cleaning Limited are committed to Makita Back-Pack Vacuum Cleaners

Published 2nd November, 2017 by Neil Nixon

Enhance Office Cleaning Limited are committed to Makita Back-Pack Vacuum Cleaners

Makita back-pack vacuum cleaners are now part of the inventory of Enhance Office Cleaning Limited, Bromley, Kent, a specialist commercial cleaning company. Serving primarily the Central London area, contracts include prestigious financial and legal firms and charities such as Save the Children International, providing a closely managed, high quality and affordable service.

Over the past six months, Enhance has been evaluating which cordless back-pack vacuum cleaners would be the best to roll out across the company’s many sites. “We have looked at vacuums manufactured here in the UK, in Australia and various other countries,” says Spencer Hawkes, general manager, Enhance Office Cleaning Limited. “The procurement process compared battery life and charge time, weight, noise and vibration levels, suction power, ease of use and, crucially, cost. The Makita DVC260Z performed excellently in all of these areas at a price point that was extremely attractive so we have introduced this vacuum into our equipment range and it is currently being rolled out across our sites.”

extensive range of mains and cordless dust extraction units, cordless vacs and air blowers for a wide range of industries from construction to grounds care and property maintenance.

The company’s extensive knowledge of air flow and vacuum science, coupled with the proven Lithium-Ion battery platform, is integral in the new twin 18v back-pack vacuum cleaner. The technical merits of this cleaner will enhance the performance and productivity of contract cleaning operations in many commercial properties. It is supplied in body only form for operators to efficiently use the batteries from their existing Makita tools. Distributors can supply 3.0Ah, 4.0Ah or 5.0Ah Makita batteries with respectively 22, 36 and 45 minute rapid recharging time, as well as single-port chargers, or twin-port chargers, to facilitate two batteries being charged in parallel for improved productivity.

The Makita DVC260Z back-pack vacuum cleaner uses two 18v Li-Ion batteries directly housed on the machine to power the 36v DC Brushless motor, for high power and extended run-times, which produces 45 watts of suction power with a maximum airflow of 1.5m³/min and maximum sealed suction of 7.1kPa. The HEPA filter can be easily removed for cleaning. The high/low power selection is positioned on the machine control unit and two 5.0Ah batteries give 60 minutes run time in high mode, and 90 minutes in low mode. Dust bag capacity is a useful 2.0 litres. Weighing just 4.3kg, and supplied with a full brace harness with waist and shoulder belts for ease and comfort, this quiet-running back-pack vacuum has a lightweight 28mm suction hose, telescopic straight pipe with 500-850mm length adjustment, and flexible rubber nozzle ideal for cleaning uneven surfaces. The Makita DVC260Z has been successfully trialled by train operators and airlines to speed-up passenger turn round.


At the prestigious The Star And Garter, Richmond Hill, Richmond, Surrey, created by London Square New Homes, Enhance Office Cleaning is contracted to service the common areas of this iconic property. Built between 1921 and 1924 the Grade II listed building, which was designated a world heritage site in 1990, provided accommodation and nursing facilities for 180 seriously injured servicemen. The charitable trust responsible for the home, who received its royal charter in 1979 allowing the prefix of Royal to be added to its name – The Royal Star And Garter - sold the building in 2013, after which meticulous restoration has taken place. This landmark building now offers luxuriously specified 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedroom apartments benefiting from exceptional elevated views of the River Thames, famously painted by Turner and other artists. In 1948 residents of the home took part in a forerunner of the Paralympic Games, the first national athletic event for disabled athletes.

“Our staff have responded extremely well to the introduction of this new Makita product and are reporting back positively on its comfort, fast charging time, great suction power and low noise levels,” comments Hawkes. “Happy staff results in happy clients so we are delighted with our purchasing decision and look forward to working with Makita for many years to come.”

“Enhance Office Cleaning has carried out a very thorough evaluation of this popular back-pack vac and we are delighted that this model met their demanding criteria,” says Kevin Brannigan, marketing manager, Makita UK. “The Makita R&D team based in Japan take full note of these assessments and customer feedback which helps enormously in the future planning and development of new models for the cleaning sector.”