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EasyCube is a great fit for Uber

Published 1st October, 2019 by Neil Nixon

EasyCube is a great fit for Uber

Uber is among the latest firms to reap the benefits of Tork EasyCube. And the software is a great fit for the multi-national transport company which manages all its operations via mobile apps and websites.

Tork EasyCube uses sensors to ‘connect’ washroom facilities, enabling cleaners and facility managers to monitor washroom dispenser refill levels and visitor traffic via a smartphone or tablet. The software has received glowing reports after being introduced to Uber’s Paris offices by cleaning services company La Providence.

“Tork EasyCube has greatly improved our teams’ working environment,” said Diane Sinald, La Providence janitorial account manager. “It allows them to be more efficient in their work and it’s very rewarding for staff to use this kind of innovative software. And you can also collect a lot of valuable data - so everyone wins: our customers, their employees and our staff.”

Around 200 people are employed in Uber’s Paris office which runs the operations of 11 countries in Europe and the Middle East. La Providence cleaning operative, Rousna Dumond, describes Tork EasyCube as: “Very visual and easy to use…with the intuitive colour-coding of real-time information, the software tells me exactly where to go for cleaning or restocking. It’s both convenient and comfortable.”

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