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Dreumex expands into North America

Published 13th July, 2010 by Neil Nixon

Dreumex expands into North America

Dreumex B.V. has acquired the American company Gent-L-Kleen Products, Inc of York, Pennsylvania. Dreumex is a supplier of hand cleansing and hand care products. Gent-L-Kleen also manufactures hand hygiene products, with a particular focus on the professional user in North America. The joint knowledge, expertise and resources will create a strong basis and increased efficiency for both companies.

The acquisition of Gent-L-Kleen is an important milestone in Dreumex’s global strategy. Jan-Chris Heeger, managing director of Dreumex BV, said: “This acquisition marks the next step on the road to a global leading position for Dreumex in the industrial hand care market. Gent-L-Kleen will be a strategic base for Dreumex to produce select products for North American markets.”

Gent-L-Kleen is in its 61st year. Since its start in 1949, the goal of the company has always been to supply the best quality and to strive towards continual improvement. The takeover by Dreumex is in keeping with this objective. Jim Strickler, owner of Gent-L-Kleen, said: “We are very confident in the Dreumex organisation and proud to be a part of their team. The new and innovative products Dreumex brings to us will be an exciting addition to our product range. This new venture will lead to accelerated growth in Gent-L-Kleen’s future. It will be very positive for our dedicated team of employees, our customer partners, our team of sales representatives and our vendor partners. The combined resources will increase our strength and efficiencies. Our new partnership and strategy will be a win-win for all parties.”

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