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Don't get caught short!

Published 8th March, 2013 by Neil Nixon

Don't get caught short!

Known for its 'does what it says on the tin' approach to making and naming chemicals, Greyland has a range of products suitable for every area in the washroom so there's no need to get caught short.

For cleaning stainless steel urinals without causing unsightly chemical reaction to the metal surface Triple S the Stainless Steel Safe toilet cleaner is the choice. Triple S may also be safely used to clean and descale ceramic surfaces.

Where ceramic bowls require heavy duty cleaning, Toilet Cleaner & Descaler is effective, while for daily freshening the bactericidal Toilet Freshener is ideal. Now also available in new apple fragrance, simply squirt it neat onto the surface to be cleaned and leave.

Where washroom walls are looking a little jaded, the pleasantly fragranced Spray & Wipe with bleach trigger spray is perfect for making tile grout lines look as good as new. Simply spray it on, leave for a short time to do its work and then rinse away.

Greyland's sales manager, Roger Davies, said: “The theme here is simple. With many non-native workers in the UK, as well as staff who do not have the luxury of serviced washrooms, it makes sense to name every product clearly and concisely so that they know exactly what it is used for. No-nonsense labelling means that the correct product can be reached for just where it is needed, rather than being caught short with obscure brand names or product code labels that just sit there on the shelf because noone knows what to do with them.”

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