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Don’t gamble on the cleaning!

Published 26th April, 2023 by Neil Nixon

Don’t gamble on the cleaning!

Would you put your money on the black or the red? At this London casino at least, Ross Osbourne and Roger Rees are opting for both, but not on the tables – the floors.

Keeping it black and red and not letting it get grey and dirty was the challenge facing the joint directors of Jangro-member Maintenance Supply Company before taking over the cleaning contract at the Empire Casino in the West End’s Leicester Square. Those colours predominate on the carpets fitted to the prestigious site. Ross and Roger advised the operators to see both a system to offer deep-cleaning as well as investigate a quick cleaning maintenance method.

Prochem was brought in to assist with an on-site demonstration. Sales & Training Manager Phil Jones met them at the casino at the crack of dawn. “These environments operate virtually twenty-four hours a day so the potential window for cleaning can be challenging,” he said. “You have large rooms but with multiple tables and chairs dotted around, making cleaning an awkward proposition at the best of times.”

Phil demonstrated to cleaning staff a walk-behind, self-propelled Prochem Polaris 800 extraction machine which soon made light work of the corridors and open communal areas. Fitted with the addition of a wand and hose, it made fast work of all the hard to reach areas, such as under the gaming tables.

“An excellent deep clean but can leave a longer drying time, which was deemed a possible concern,” reflects Phil.

To meet the request for quick drying, he also demonstrated the use of S745 Procaps encapsulation detergent being applied to the carpeted area and then merely brushed in with a PRO 35 dry and wet carpet and floor cleaner.

The encapsulation product attaches to the greasy soils, dries it out and turns it into dust. This is then simply vacuumed away in the next vacuuming pass, perhaps the same day or even the next, leaving the carpet clean and dry within an hour. And that proved exactly what this contractor was looking for.

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