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Demonstrating closed loop capabilities

Published 18th December, 2012 by Neil Nixon

Demonstrating closed loop capabilities

Demonstrating that closed loop recycling initiatives are a feasible and workable option, BPI (British Polythene Industries) plc has been working closely with NHS Wales to find new and innovative ways to reuse its waste polythene material.

Already a familiar name to many in the industry, BPI is one of the UK's leading manufacturers of refuse, recycling and clinical waste sacks, sold through its bpi.recycled products and divisions. The business also ranks as one of Europe's largest polythene waste recyclers, recycling some 95,000 tonnes of waste per annum that might otherwise be sent to landfill or burnt.

As part of the closed loop recycling initiative, the business has been working closely with NHS Wales to recycle polythene waste such as pallet covers and pallet stretchwrap used in the supply chain. This material is recycled by bpi.recycled products and used to make items such as its Green Sack range of 100% recycled polythene, ultra-low carbon footprint refuse sacks.

To date, one tonne of polythene waste has now been successfully collected from NHS Wales' Bridgend stores and used by BPI to produce 15,000 Green Sacks, which the Trust widely employs. The refuse sacks are then supplied back to NHS Wales by specialist BPI division for use across a wide range of areas.

As a result of the scheme's success, NHS Wales Procurement Services is now looking to extend the initiative to cover other stores in Denbigh and Cwmbran over the coming months. This move will enable it to amplify the environmental benefits seen so far.

Sara Taylor, deputy head of materials management at NHS Wales Procurement Services, said: “Black general hospital refuse sacks are some of the most popular products issued by our stores, and each year our Bridgend store alone supplies 3,801,500 individual black refuse sacks which are employed across the NHS in South Wales. We're delighted that BPI is enabling us to use some of our own waste to help meet this need. It's a solution that helps to keep reusable waste in circulation and out of landfill, whilst also conserving valuable resources. As such, it's perfectly in keeping with NHS Wales' strong environmental policies."
Sian Miles, environment and materials director at BPI, said: "As a business, BPI is perfectly placed to help a wide range of organisations to benefit from closed loop solutions. The ongoing partnership with NHS Wales demonstrates that such solutions are a workable option and we look forward to building on the success of the scheme, not only with this healthcare provider but also with others across the UK.”

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