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COVID-19 update: UV technologist develops portable sanitiser for virus decontamination

Published 5th May, 2020 by Neil Nixon

COVID-19 update: UV technologist develops portable sanitiser for virus decontamination

A hand-held sanitiser using ultra-violet (UV) light to inactivate biomolecules and micro-organisms including Coronavirus COVID-19 has been developed by Oxfordshire manufacturer, Integration Technology Ltd.

A high-power portable UVC rapid sanitiser, the compact, lightweight SubZero RS-170 is designed for use on all surfaces in applications posing a high risk of public cross-contamination. Target applications include ambulances and blue light services, buses, aircraft and cruise ship cabins, train carriages, other public transport, as well as hospitals, schools, offices, and hotel rooms.

Integration Technology specialises in making UV light curing systems for the print industry. "We had just started work on making portable versions of our products for use in markets other than just print," said managing director, Simon Roberts."When the rate of spread of Coronavirus COVID-19 became clear, priority was immediately given to developing a medical application in a bid to help beat back the virus. UV is non-contact and allows widespread coverage so you get greater and faster overall decontamination."

Easy to use and maintain, the 285 x 85 x 142mm, 3kg air-cooled unit can be plugged into a standard electrical wall socket, offers rapid warm-up and cool-down, and comes with quick-change lamp cassette for reduced downtime on site. The RS-170 offers high output 1700W input power with a high intensity reflector system.

The RS-170 draws on a proven technology in Integration Technology's SubZero Series UV lamp technology, introduced to the print industry sector by the company in 2005.

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