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COVID-19 update: Specialist cleaners protecting London during the lockdown

Published 31st March, 2020 by Neil Nixon

COVID-19 update: Specialist cleaners protecting London during the lockdown

As the country remains in lockdown, there’s a team of specialists heading out amongst the uncertainty, working to keep London clean in this trying time. Total Clean, based in central London, has a team of trained specialist cleaners working throughout the city to disinfect and fog commercial, residential and public sector properties which may have been exposed to the Covid-19 coronavirus.

Managing director of Total Clean, Carlos Garcia, says the current situation is out of the ordinary but that his team is well equipped for a situation like this: “We have several years of experience working with clinical establishments and minimising cross-contamination, so we are maximising our support across the nation in this time of need.”

But, despite having over 30 years of experience providing specialist cleaning solutions across London and nationally, a situation such as this is, of course, is unprecedented and very out of the norm. “Our usual deep cleans tend to form part of a planned maintenance plan and are carried out at set intervals, but what we have seen recently with the heightened risk of Covid-19 cases, is our clients are looking for a more reactive and increased frequency in their deep clean requirements to afford their staff, clients and families a safer working and home environment,” said Garcia.

However, Garcia is confident that the specialist cleaning company is well prepared for the current COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic as it is used to disinfecting spaces following infection outbreaks. To combat the outbreak, it has been responding to properties where there has been contact with the COVID-19 coronavirus by using its professional machinery to fog the area.

“By using a conjunction of the latest fogging practices and deep cleaning expertise, we are able to confidently take the fight to this unseen enemy and eliminate it with great efficacy,” continued Garcia.

Fogging is an efficient process of deep cleaning entire rooms with difficult to reach spaces. It’s also very effective at eradicating germs from porous surfaces such as tiled ceilings, carpets, soft furnishings, upholstery, and children’s play areas. The mechanical fogging process is used to ensure coverage of the entire area. This specialised machinery produces a fine mist which sprays the sterilising fluid throughout the air. This approach means that not only is the airborne virus killed, but the virus particles which have settled on surfaces in the fogged area are also killed.

The specialist cleaners are taking the utmost care to ensure the safety of staff and of its clients to reduce the spread of this dangerous virus during its work to eradicate COVID-19. This is achieved by making sure that all staff are equipped with personal protective equipment including sterile disposable overalls, hats, masks, gloves, and protective footwear.

One area where Total Clean’s specialist cleaners are making a particularly targeted effort to reduce the impact of the COVID-19 coronavirus is with residential and domestic deep cleans. Deep cleans are usually utilised in large commercial and public sector properties such as medical practices, offices, schools, hospitals, and shops. However, as the nationwide lockdown has led to more and more people working from home and staying indoors, deep cleans of residential and domestic properties are becoming more necessary.

People who suspect their homes may have been exposed to coronavirus can enlist deep cleaning services to eradicate all traces of the virus from the surfaces of their homes. And the cleaning won’t stop when they leave your home - Garcia is making sure that their professional standards of clean can be kept up after the specialists leave: “We want to ensure everyone can continue to clean their homes, and in particular the high-risk touch-points of their homes, long after we’ve left.”

So, as part of their professional standard deep clean and fogging services for residential homes, Total Clean is leaving behind complimentary home deep cleaning packs which include specialist cleaning agents, cleaning cloths, hand sanitiser, and clinical wipes.

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