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COVID-19 update: Six steps to managing a safe return to work

Published 10th June, 2020 by Neil Nixon

COVID-19 update: Six steps to managing a safe return to work

With organisations preparing to see more and more staff returning to their places of work over the coming weeks, many questions have been raised about how to make offices, shops, factories, and construction sites safer from the threat of an invisible virus.

"Unsurprisingly, we have seen a surge of enquiries and demand from employers regarding what measures they need to take to both ensure their staff's safety, and also to comply with government guidelines," said David Wormald, director of security and safety specialist, VPS UK. "Our COVID-19 response team has developed a system targeted at employers to help support them manage the return to work with a solution comprising six practical steps."

The six steps are: property inspections - know what the problem is before you prepare to tackle it; deploy a specialist disinfection cleaning service - help alleviate employees fear and anxiety of infection upon returning to work with a disinfection misting service; social distancing signage and screens; body temperature detectors - installing a body temperature measurement system will not only help keep staff safe, but will provide a significant reassurance to them that the management of the return to work has been handled with their safety as a top priority; safe and secure access for all staff - revised business operations may mean you need to close sites, which could require additional security, lock changes or goods moved to another location; and compliance inspections - don't just rely on a one-off inspection and installation of products and services, carry out weekly inspections, including photographic records, to help ensure social distancing measures are being adhered to on site. Using specialist software, trained inspectors can upload these reports in real time to be instantly accessible.

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