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COVID-19 update: Automated UVC disinfection to tackle virus in business premises

Published 12th June, 2020 by Neil Nixon

COVID-19 update: Automated UVC disinfection to tackle virus in business premises

Building on technology most often seen in acute healthcare settings, Contrac IT has been granted the UK licensing rights for providing the THOR UVC terminal cleaning device to non-healthcare related industries, in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Killing viruses quickly and efficiently, the remotely operated system uses ultraviolet rather than chemicals to decontaminate both the air and surfaces in a room, killing 99.9999% of pathogens. Cleverly designed towers allow an entire room to be cleaned in a matter of minutes, and as the system is network-connected, reports can be created to monitor and evaluate activity, providing certification which can be presented online or on premises to reassure customers and workforces.

Nanoclave cabinets are also available, utilising the same UV technology to allow the cleaning of smaller items such as operational or staff equipment, including electronic items, fabrics/uniforms and cleaning equipment.

Controlled from a handheld tablet, the THOR UVC system works by undertaking several room scans before mapping and planning the treatment cycle time. Unlike other systems the lamps go from floor to ceiling, maximising the penetration of the UVC cleaning which is effective against pathogens even in shadowed areas. The lamps rotate 360° and raise robotically to more than two metres, adjusting its parameters in line with a room’s contents and shape.

The UVC device is one of a suite of managed tech solutions brought together by Contrac IT to help businesses prevent the spread of the virus. To ensure social distancing is maintained within the workplace, the company has worked with a number of partners to bring together a range of wearable tech, available as a lanyard, wristband or high vis vest, to alert the wearer when they get too close to another member of the team. Recording how many incidents and the length of time people are in contact can then be useful in determining if any additional training or adjustments to facilities are needed.

A third piece of technology can monitor people as they enter premises with thermal imaging cameras, detecting anyone who may be experiencing a higher than normal temperature, so further investigation can take place. All the devices, which are GDPR compliant, can be monitored 24-hours a day by Contrac IT to enable corrective action as required.

Contrac IT works with clients across various industries, all facing the new health and safety challenges presented by Coronavirus. Managing director Mark Harding said: “We’ve launched this suite of products in response to the requests we were getting from our existing clients. Coronavirus is an airborne illness but standard cleaning can only tackle surfaces and is often patchy in its coverage, whereas UV cleaning also destroys any virus particles in the air as well as on surfaces. And, of course, some items such as delicate fabrics or technology may not be able to be cleaned in any other way. The tech solutions we’ve brought together can be tailored to a specific workplace. They can help safeguard the health and wellbeing of employees and customers in a range of business settings. One of the most important aspects of these new tools is the reassurance they give employers, employees and customers that the situation is being monitored closely and managed in a systematic way using some really strong tech solutions. These are worrying times and people need to feel safe if we’re to get businesses back on their feet.”

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