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COVID-19 update: All-purpose sanitiser effective against Coronavirus

Published 12th May, 2020 by Neil Nixon

COVID-19 update: All-purpose sanitiser effective against Coronavirus

An accredited all-purpose sanitiser that is effective against Coronavirus has been developed by biotech innovator BioHygiene. Comprising an all-purpose and washroom product, the sanitiser has been approved under the requisite standards for use against enveloped viruses, this approval being valid for all coronaviruses and therefore the strain behind the current pandemic. Containing naturally derived mild surfactants and a fermentation extract, the sanitiser’s eco-friendly focus is designed to provide an environmentally responsible and sustainable cleaner and disinfectant.

“We are delighted to have an accredited product that can contribute to the fight against Coronavirus at this uncertain and anxious time,” said James Patterson, managing director of BioHygiene. We are also pleased that we have been able to supply product without disruption. Where manufacturers of traditional product have been compelled to source from the same pool of raw materials – which is becoming ever more depleted due to demand – our technology has enabled 24/7 production of our sanitisers. Accordingly, we have met the unprecedented demand of recent weeks. User-safety is an underlying feature of the product - and a dilution rate of 100:1 makes it highly cost-effective in terms of use, packaging and transport. The active ingredients in the sanitiser work together in a number of ways, including damaging the microbial outer membrane, causing leakage of cell contents, attacking proteins and preventing energy production by the cell. The result is a highly effective and reliable all-purpose sanitiser.”

BioHygiene is a Cardiff-based manufacturer that employs around 60 people across Cardiff and Caerphilly, with a specialist support team across the country who can be accessed via telephone, video or conference call. It has an independent lab testing certificate that can be supplied if needed to support any statement made. The all-purpose sanitisers are available in 5 litre drums and 750ml trigger bottles, whilst the washroom product is available in 5 litre drums.

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