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Cordless power for cleaning tasks

Published 26th April, 2022 by Neil Nixon

Cordless power for cleaning tasks

Power tools manufacturer Makita UK has expanded its XGT 40VMax range with the launch of two new battery powered L-Class vacuum cleaners.

Thanks to Makita’s unique XGT 40VMax cordless technology, the VC001GL (8-litre) and VC003GL (15-litre) offer cleaning professionals and facilities managers a selection of powerful cleaning solutions.

With XGT 40VMax technology at their core, the VC001GL and VC003GL vacuum cleaners deliver impressive output. The improved cooling efficiency of their design and inclusion of Makita’s brushless motor mean the VC001GL and VC003GL deliver the increased power and battery run times needed for professional use. What’s more, both machines can house two XGT 40VMax batteries. This means that when the first battery runs out of charge, the second one automatically kicks in to keep the machines running for longer.

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