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Commercial laundries plan Sustainability Pact

Published 16th December, 2021 by Neil Nixon

Commercial laundries plan Sustainability Pact

The Textile Services Association (TSA) is putting together a Sustainability Pact that’s designed to support commercial laundries in their drive to deliver a more sustainable future. The Pact will also support the hospitality industry’s net zero carbon objectives but, as Shyju Skariah, technical services manager at the TSA, said: “We just don’t want to focus on net zero carbon. We also need to be tackling water quality, reducing waste - this is so much more than a simple net zero tag.’’

The TSA has set up a Sustainability Steering Group made up of representatives from laundry operators, machinery and textiles manufacturers, and end-users, including representation from UK Hospitality. The objective for the group is to ensure that an holistic approach is taken, whether it is considering the complex end of life textiles recycling project, which will save millions of tonnes of textiles from landfill, or looking into simple measures, such as using low energy light bulbs.

“The laundry industry has already come a long way in optimising and fine-tuning its processes and operations in a more sustainable way,” said Skariah. “We have seen water usage slashed, from 20 litres a kilo down to 2 litres, and energy usage halved. But we want to go much further. Nothing is off agenda with this steering group.”

The Steering Group’s first task is to set up the initial Sustainability Pact, which the laundry industry will sign up to. “We’ll run training workshops with experts so TSA members really understand what net zero means and how it can be achieved,” continued Skariah. “We’ll create tools for individual companies to track progress. Each company will set their own roadmap, enabling the TSA to compile an industrywide pathway.”

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