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Comets over Ipswich

Published 17th June, 2020 by Neil Nixon

Comets over Ipswich

Ipswich Borough Council’s housing division has taken delivery of the first three of a proposed 10-strong procurement of Prochem Comet walk-behind cleaning extractors.

The machines, supplied by Ajax Domestic Spares to the council’s maintenance and contracts department, are being used to clean 15 sheltered housing schemes located across the town.

The schemes, constituting mostly flats in blocks, each have an appointed cleaner or cleaning contractor who maintains communal areas and an 18 person caretaking team that carries out routine maintenance, decorating and specialised cleaning.

“The Comets are replacing another range of machines that have reached the end of their useful working lives and are proving ideal to task for our caretaking team,” said council stores manager, James Tonner. “We’ve been using Prochem solutions for over 20 years and switching to the company’s technology has motivated us to convert fully now to the brand.”

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