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Colour-coded hand protection system

Published 8th August, 2017 by Neil Nixon

Colour-coded hand protection system

Hand protection specialist Globus has launched I-Con - a brand new colour-coded glove system providing chemical protection for workers in the cleaning and hygiene sector. The new glove system not only protects workers’ hands against the most common chemicals and substances found in contract cleaning but also helps prevent contact contamination from bacteria, viruses, pathogens, and vaccines that may be encountered.

All of the gloves within the I-Con system are manufactured exclusively from nitrile. Every glove is CAT III certified in accordance with the EN374-1 chemical resistance standard whilst cross contamination threats in infection control areas are also reduced significantly thanks to the I-Con colour system - with individual coloured gloves designated for specific work areas.

There are eight I-Con system gloves - four single-use, four reusable - all manufactured from 100% nitrile, which follow the British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICSc) approved and adopted colour-coded system for infection control.

“Effective protection from chemical hazards is paramount for those working in the cleaning and hygiene sector,” said Globus marketing manager, Steve Shale. “However, wider risk factors exist such as contact contamination from bacteria, viruses, pathogens and even medicines. As a result our new I-Con system has been designed to protect the worker from both risk factors whilst at the same time reducing the threat of cross contamination. By reflecting the BICSc recommended colour code, workers and managers can quickly and easily ensure that the right gloves are being used in the right environments to prevent bacterial transfer. Worker protection is also a key element of the new range which has been designed to provide an effective barrier to the most common chemicals and substances found in contract cleaning environments.”

To support the EN compliant range, Globus can also provide tailored support packages to aid the implementation of the I-Con system. Nicholas Green, Globus corporate accounts director, added: “We recognise the importance of underpinning dedicated high quality hand protection solutions with ongoing training, education and support. This approach really helps workers understand the importance of their role within the infection control process and the support package has been designed to help deliver this.”

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