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Cleenol launches new Easidose range

Published 22nd February, 2022 by Neil Nixon

Cleenol launches new Easidose range

Cleenol is rebranding its Evolution 1000 range as Easidose. The name of the new range is in recognition of its ‘easy to dose’ characteristics, as Paul Twiss, head of marketing at Cleenol, explained:

“Our Evolution super concentrates system redefined cleaning chemicals. As part of the range, we wanted to create an additional system that ran parallel with our wall mounted dosing systems, one where the need for additional hardware wasn’t required. We called it Evolution 1000. Today, after many years, we are proud to announce the new name for Evolution 1000. We looked at the range and asked ourselves what makes this product so powerful and unique. The obvious answer was the superior cleaning power of each product within the range but, additionally, how easy it is to dose these products. This is why we’re proud to introduce the brand new Easidose range.”

The new Easidose range comprises multi-surface cleaners and degreasers, floor cleaners, anti-bacterial bath and washroom cleaners, air fresheners, window and stainless-steel cleaners, and toilet cleaners.

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