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Cleanology goes electric in latest sustainability move

Published 27th May, 2021 by Neil Nixon

Cleanology goes electric in latest sustainability move

Following a deal signed with Nissan last autumn, Cleanology has taken delivery of its brand new all-electric London fleet.

“This move reduces emissions and lowers our carbon footprint, significantly improving our environmental sustainability credentials, and the financial savings really add up,” said Cleanology CEO and founder Dominic Ponniah. “We save over £3000 a year per vehicle on fuel, there’s no road tax to pay, and there’s no London congestion charge, which saves close to another £5500 a year per vehicle. That’s a massive £8500 a year cost reduction per vehicle. There are so many advantages in swapping over to a fully electric fleet, from the environmental gains to costs savings, but it’s also about how our clients see us, and they expect us to demonstrate best practice in everything we do. It’s about taking a leadership position and setting a good example.”

This is the latest move in Cleanology’s ongoing environmental sustainability journey. Moving over to a fully electric fleet for its London operations reduces emissions and lowers the company’s carbon footprint. Over 5000 litres of diesel per vehicle each year is saved - equal to 13.5 tonnes of CO2.

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