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Cleanliness without cruelty

Published 9th November, 2012 by Neil Nixon

Cleanliness without cruelty

Cleanliness without cruelty is Enfield Council’s claim as the first London council to use cleaning products which have not been tested on animals. Enfield has led the way by being the first council in London to use cruelty-free cleaning products which carry Cruelty Free International’s ‘leaping bunny’ logo, proving the products and their ingredients have not been tested on animals.

Enfield Council was the first council in the UK to vote to ‘Clean up Cruelty’ as part of the campaign by the BUAV (sister company of Cruelty Free International) to end animal testing for household products.

Working with local research and manufacturing company Ecosearch Ltd, based in Enfield, a range of cleaning products were developed, including liquid hand soap, multi-purpose cleaner, and descaler for urinals and toilets which are all cruelty-free. Since its introduction in May, not only has there been positive feedback from staff who have said that not only is the hand soap working really well, but staff prefer using the cleaning materials.

Cllr Andrew Stafford, cabinet member for finance and resources, said: “In a modern society it is quite unacceptable to be rubbing noxious chemicals into animal’s eyes to test cleaning products when it is clearly totally unnecessary. This new range of cleaning products that we have introduced into our civic buildings has not only never been tested on animals, but gives economical superior cleaning performance. The feedback has been excellent from not only staff who say the handsoap is good to use, but also cleaning staff who tell us because the cleaning fluid is not noxious they do not need to wear masks to use it. We will be extending the use of these cleaning products and endorsing their use to other organisations and councils further afield.”

Michelle Thew, chief executive of the BUAV, said: “I am delighted that Enfield Council is leading the way to Clean up Cruelty, and encouraging other councils and organisations to do so too. We hope that many others will follow Enfield’s admirable stance. Please look for the leaping bunny logo or check to ensure your products are cruelty-free.”

The products are marketed through Ecosearch’s sister company Chela Ltd.

Picture shows: Mike Fouracre, Chela Ltd; Penny Ashcroft, BUAV; and Cllr Andrew Stafford using the new products.

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