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CleanJack and Templa join forces

Published 6th April, 2017 by Neil Nixon

CleanJack and Templa join forces

CleanJack has been developing a working relationship with the UK’s Templa since late 2016. Both companies offer automation for professional cleaning contractors. Together they now offer the integrated service ‘TemplaCMS Time and Attendance by CleanJack’ where Templa’s contract management solution ‘TemplaCMS’ delivers dynamic two-way integration with CleanJack’s time and attendance system.

Driven solely from TemplaCMS, the CleanJack database is synchronised through single data entry. The registered working hours in CleanJack are then automatically sent to the TemplaCMS pay module’s timesheets, offering real-time reconciliation of contracted hours and wage variance control. “The new service synchronises cleaning contract information between both systems,” said Niels van den Berg, CEO of CleanJack. “The result is a very comprehensive system.”’

Rick Stoor, managing director of Templa, said: “TemplaCMS is a single consolidated solution for all aspects of a cleaning contractor’s business, covering activities across the sales, admin, finance, payroll/HR, operations, and quality departments in the business. It delivers a real-time contracts database, which in turn enables us to maintain live timesheets and wage variance during pay periods. CleanJack has natural synergies with TemplaCMS and we are delighted to have secured sole distributorship in the UK which enables us to take our integration to the next level.”

CleanJack time and attendance focuses on communicating cleaning tasks to cleaners and the registration of staff attendance and working hours on every site. After a company takeover in 2015, CleanJack invested in building a new generation system. “Managers of cleaning companies have a real-time overview of who is working where,” continued Niels van den Berg. “The new version allows operations managers to communicate cleaning tasks and messages to cleaners at every location. Cleaning companies can ensure that cleaners are performing the right tasks and working the scheduled hours.”

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