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Cleaning machines increase productivity for NCP

Published 21st June, 2021 by Neil Nixon

Cleaning machines increase productivity for NCP

The UK’s leading car park operator says its new fleet of cleaning machines has helped it efficiently manage its estate during the pandemic. NCP, which operates more than 500 sites across the UK, invested in 20 Glutton cleaners to further enhance safety and cleanliness in its car parks. The Glutton delivered significant productivity gains, enabling NCP to keep its sites in great condition, even with a reduced workforce during the pandemic and furlough period.

Brian Devonshire, director of managed services for NCP, said: “With the onset of the pandemic we had to look closely at all OPEX and make efficiencies wherever possible without impacting service. Therefore, having the Glutton machines at a time when we have a reduced workforce from furlough measures has meant we have been able to keep on top of a key objective of keeping our car parks clean for our customers.”

The Glutton is an all-electric, pedestrian controlled vacuum cleaner that can tackle dust, dirt and debris up to 12.5cm in diameter. The battery-powered machine is quiet, efficient and designed to capture dust, helping to improve air quality.

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