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Churchill reduces single-use plastics with recyclable packaging innovation

Published 17th April, 2019 by Neil Nixon

Churchill reduces single-use plastics with recyclable packaging innovation

Churchill Group is set to dramatically reduce its single-use plastic consumption by introducing a range of recyclable cleaning products. The new products, which have been developed in partnership with Jangro, will replace Churchill’s top five cleaning products. The change will see almost 60,000 plastic containers eliminated from Churchill’s operations in the first year, with that figure set to increase as more products are introduced into the operation.

The new products, which are 100% sustainable, include glass cleaner, hard surface cleaner, washroom cleaner, descaler, and floor maintainer. Their unique recyclable packaging, which the Churchill and Jangro teams co-created, house biodegradable and phosphate-free sachets. In addition to a reduction in plastic, the sachets also require less water to use effectively and are able to be transported more efficiently, further reducing Churchill’s footprint.

This innovation is the first step in Churchill’s environmental impact charter, where it is driving other industry-first initiatives to drive the FM sector to consider its impact on the planet. Joel Briggs, group managing director at Churchill, said: “This market-leading range of sustainable cleaning consumables demonstrates Churchill’s commitment to positive change. We are proud to work with our long-standing partner Jangro on this innovation.”

Jo Gilliard, CEO of Jangro Ltd, added: “We’re delighted to have worked with our partner Churchill to develop these environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions. Churchill and Jangro share the same ethical ethos and this is just the latest example of our industry-leading partnership.”

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