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CHSA scheme enjoys membership increase

Published 12th February, 2015 by Neil Nixon

CHSA scheme enjoys membership increase

Membership of the Cleaning & Hygiene Suppliers' Association's Soft Tissue Manufacturing Standards Accreditation Scheme has increased by three during a year in which, according to Mike Stubbs, chairman of the scheme's governing panel, the rigour of the scheme has been enhanced. “This year we have radically enhanced the Soft Tissue Accreditation Scheme, effectively widening the gap between accredited members and those outside the scheme, the risk of buying from non-members now being seen as greater than ever,” said panel chairman, Mike Stubbs. “The result has been an increase in membership applications. All manufacturers are welcome to apply but only those that pass our rigorous audits will be accepted.”

During 2014 the panel that manages the Soft Tissue Manufacturing Standards Accreditation Scheme on behalf of its members appointed a second professional auditor, experienced quality assurance professional Martin Yates. Each member is now audited twice a year using an improved label and dimensional auditing procedure and a clear traffic light system is used for identifying non-conformance.

Stubbs continued: “We have made good progress this year and the Scheme is very well placed to help stamp out the rogue behaviour of cheats by making the advantages of buying only from scheme members even greater. It is the only way to be sure you get what you pay for. But we are not complacent and have further developments planned for 2015, which include a new programme of auditing products from non-members.”

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