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Call for ‘Recycled Plastic Rating’ finds its voice

Published 24th October, 2019 by Neil Nixon

Call for ‘Recycled Plastic Rating’ finds its voice

Cleaning operators are being asked to support a new era in how products are packaged to give immediate visibility of virgin plastic content in what people are buying.

In a landmark move, ‘Generation Z’ children, their parents and businesses united on Friday 20 September, alongside Greta Thunberg’s ‘London Global Climate Strike’, to lobby industry and consumers alongside the government to get behind the ‘Recycled Plastic Rating’ - a campaign which sees the launch of a new trust mark enabling consumers to take back control of what plastic actually gets recycled.

There is confusion amongst operators and consumers with over 28 different marks on what is and what is not recyclable. There is also a breakdown in trust about what happens to waste segregated at home for recycling.

The move to launch the new RPR follows research that reveals that 79% of people support clearer labelling of plastic packaging to help them determine its impact on the environment and allow them to vote with their pockets when it comes to purchasing behaviour.

The entrepreneur behind the RPR, Mark Jankovich, said: “There is more micro plastic in the ocean than stars believed to be in the galaxy! Eight million tons of plastic, a dump truck a minute, ends up in our oceans each year, and has a material impact on climate change through waste processes and new production of single life plastic. We’ve got to stop this. Having a rating which shows the amount of recycled plastic content in the packaging we buy will instantly give caterers, retailers and consumers the power to vote with their wallets and chose packaging that is fundamentally diverting plastic from landfill. The RPR will enable everyone to see, at a glance, the exact plastic credentials of products they are purchasing”.

Jankovich is the driving force behind the campaign alongside his eco-cleaning product company - Delphis Eco - which has pioneered the use of 100% recycled HDPE plastic packaging from single use plastic in 2017 across all its products.

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