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'Bug busting' - all in a day's work

Published 20th December, 2012 by Neil Nixon

'Bug busting' - all in a day's work

Croydon based CleanSafe Services has recently been hired to tackle a ‘bug busting’ contract to help a virus-ridden school resume business after 200 pupils contracted the highly contagious winter vomiting and diarrhoea bug, norovirus.

The bug exterminator team at CleanSafe Services was called in to the North Bridge House Preparatory School in north west London after the European Safety Bureau carried out a health inspection and confirmed the bug was present in the building. The virus took hold of 200 pupils and 15 teachers, forcing the school to close, leaving the highly infectious building free for CleanSafe Services to deep clean.

The deserted school was taken over by the company’s deep clean team. Donned in what look like chemical and biological warfare suits, the team hand cleaned every last millimetre of the school. Carpets, blinds, desks, windows, classrooms, toilets - everything was cleaned to ensure the virus particles were eradicated.

Steve Broughton, managing director of CleanSafe Services, said: “This was a serious case of infection. It takes less than 20 virus particles to cause an infection so I am not exaggerating when I say absolutely every millimetre of the school had to be cleaned. The problem with this virus is that contamination can spread with small amounts of body fluids from an infected person. Carried on clothing, hands or aerosolised droplets from vomiting, this hardy virus can live for weeks on surfaces. We worked three days solid to ensure the infection was cleared and didn’t spread to the senior school. I’m pleased to say the school did open on Monday morning.”

Andrew Moorhouse, business manager at North Bridge House Schools, said: “Pupils were becoming ill quickly and when you’re facing contagion on such a scale, it can be really disconcerting. This was clearly a bigger job that needed specialist skills and expertise. We had no idea how contagious and resilient the norovirus was, but thanks to the swift work of CleanSafe Services we were closed for just one day and able to resume business quickly.”

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