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BICSc 50th anniversary service and reception

Published 24th June, 2011 by Neil Nixon

BICSc 50th anniversary service and reception

The British Institute of Cleaning Science held a 50th anniversary reception and celebratory lunch on 3 May to honour those who have made definitive contributions to the Institute. The reception took place at Trinity House and was preceded by a golden jubilee service of celebration at the historic St Olave’s Church within the City of London.

Many leading figures from the cleaning industry attended the event, including past winners of the Institute’s awards, the Sholom Gordon award and the Eric Hill medal. Fellows of the Institute and current members of the BICSc National Council also attended, as well as past national chairmen of the Institute.

As part of the 50th anniversary, fellow and life vice president of the Institute, Colin Hasson, has written a book about its history - ‘To teach to clean: Docere Pugare’ - looking back at 50 years of BICSc. This is available for sale via the website.

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