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Best practice guide to quality cleaning available

Published 26th May, 2015 by Neil Nixon

Best practice guide to quality cleaning available

A free guide highlighting practical ways in which investing in quality cleaning can save an organisation money has been launched by London specialists in cleaning and hygiene, Julius Rutherfoord.

Far too often cleaning tasks are undertaken by poorly paid individuals, without specialist training and support. These cleaning operatives are likely to underperform, leading to a host of complications and indirect costs. According to the white paper, 'The Value of Clean' published by the ISSA, shoddy service and neglected maintenance can lead to new carpets needing to be replaced in as little as three years.

Chris Parkes, operations director at Julius Rutherfoord, said: “Failure to look after facilities properly is costing businesses dearly. By investing a further 10% in your building's cleaning and maintenance, the life of your assets can be extended by up to threefold, saving you money in the long-term, as well as protecting natural resources.”

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