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BCC launches mini-manifesto aimed at protecting the health and wealth of the nation

Published 14th June, 2024 by Neil Nixon

BCC launches mini-manifesto aimed at protecting the health and wealth of the nation

The British Cleaning Council’s (BCC) mini-manifesto launched today sets out the cleaning, hygiene and waste industry’s priorities to help create a resilient UK and the areas where it is seeking the next Government’s support to achieve this vital objective.

The BCC is ready to work collaboratively with the new Government to ensure that cleaning and hygiene policy, law and regulation is directed specifically at preparing to protect public health both in advance of, and in the event of, another pandemic. It is calling for all political parties to embrace and support the mini-manifesto, which is directed at protecting the health and wealth of the nation.

The key points are:

· The urgent establishment of a joint Government/cleaning, hygiene and waste industry preparedness team to plan for public health emergencies.

· Agreement between Government and industry on the minimum levels of cleaning materials, equipment and PPE that should both be held in reserve and be able to be manufactured rapidly in emergency situations.

· In the event of another pandemic, Key Worker status must be bestowed upon cleaning operatives and on staff working in cleaning product supply and manufacturing.

· Urgent consideration must be given to making cleaning staff eligible for the Skilled Worker Visa scheme.

· Minimum standards should be agreed for the provision of cleaning and hygiene infrastructure across a wide variety of key venues.

· A standard qualification for cleaning should be developed within the Apprenticeship Levy.

· Government communications around hygiene in times of public health concerns or national emergencies should be clear, consistent, sustained, timely, relevant and specific.

BCC Chair, Delia Cannings, said: “As a non-political trade body, we do not support any particular political party or candidate. Every political party needs to recollect the large number of lives lost and the significant impact on many families and society at large arising from the Covid-19 pandemic and commit to take steps to ensure lessons are learned and there is no recurrence.”

Immediate Past Chairman of the BCC, Jim Melvin, said: “We represent the cleaning, hygiene and waste industry, which is worth nearly £60 billion and is one of the largest and most important sectors in the UK. Our mini-manifesto is informed by our industry expertise and knowledge, and that of our members, with the aim of informing the next Government’s policies. It is essential that any incoming Government engages with us, listens to and acts on these recommendations.”

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