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Bacterial test results within a working day

Published 4th January, 2013 by Neil Nixon

Bacterial test results within a working day

Hygiena International Ltd has further developed its ATP bioluminescence system to specifically measure bacterial contamination, giving results within a working day or shift.

The development involves the company’s low cost but highly sensitive EnSURE hand-held luminometer, combined with a new MicroSnap Total test. This system enumerates bacteria in raw, cooked and liquid foodstuffs as well as on solid surfaces such that results are available in seven hours or less. The system has been successfully launched at the IAFP (International Association of Food Protection) in Europe and USA as well as the Food Safety Management Conference.

The Hygiena MicroSnap Total bioluminogenic test system has a large dynamic range, being able to detect 10-10,000 bacteria without the need for serial dilutions, and every viable bacterium in the sample is measured. Accordingly the result is more precise and sample preparation is simpler, thus saving time and labour. MicroSnap requires simple, low cost equipment and being totally mobile, it can be successfully utilised in small remote locations.

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