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Are washroom cleaners valued?

Published 16th March, 2020 by Neil Nixon

Are washroom cleaners valued?

The Washroom Cleaner of the Year Awards are a unique and integral part of Loo of the Year Awards but relate specifically to the cleaning staff that look after facilities, rather than the washrooms themselves.

Mike Bone, Loo of the Year Awards managing director, said: “While the range of gradings and national and UK/Ireland Loo of the Year Awards and trophies provide adequate recognition for the loos and their providers, it is the people who look after each facility - be they individual full-time attendants, in-house cleaning teams or external cleaning contractors - who also deserve recognition.”

All attendants and/or cleaning staff employed by the entrant and working at the entry location will automatically be entered for a Washroom Cleaner of the Year Award. Judging is carried out at the same time as the Loo of the Year Awards inspection and any cleaning staff seen at the time of the unannounced visit are deemed to represent the whole cleaning team.

The next Loo of the Year Awards event is on Friday 4 December and washroom providers, cleaning and FM companies can enter the 2020 Loo of the Year Awards now.

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