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Anglian offers own brand products

Published 6th September, 2012 by Neil Nixon

Anglian offers own brand products

Anglian Chemicals is a janitorial supplier that also manufacturers and supplies an extensive range of cleaning chemicals. The company places a high emphasis on research and development, with an on-site laboratory and chemist allowing the development of unique cleaning and maintenance products.

Paul Hendry-Smith, managing director, said: “Having BS EN1276 certificated products is essential to demonstrating the power and bactericidal effectiveness of our products. Duo Detergent Sanitiser is one of the company’s first products to be tested allowing our customers to comply fully with the European standards which many authorities now demand as standard.”

Duo is a complete floor, wall and hard surface sanitising detergent. It has a unique blend of quaternary ammonium compounds and amphoteric surfactants who’s synergy produce a product with outstanding killing power on both gram positive and gram negative bacteria, combined with excellent cleaning power. It has the ability to emulsify vegetable oils and animal fats along with dispersing shortenings and food deposits, leaving work surfaces hygienically clean. It is highly economical in use and kills nearly all bacteria at 300:1.

Company chemist, Stephen Lawrence, said: “We are currently in the process of refreshing our sanitising range which will include the development of new innovative products to make cleaning easier; if we can reduce the time and effort needed to clean by increasing our products effectiveness then we have achieved our aim of producing high quality goods. Many of these products are due for release in the near future.”

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