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An innovation in gutter cleaning

Published 18th December, 2018 by Neil Nixon

An innovation in gutter cleaning

Cleaning at height, in particular gutter cleaning and roof inspections, is still thought to be a challenging task for some FM companies, especially where there are hundreds of sites to be inspected and cleaned.

Since 2003, the SkyVac, gutter and high level cleaning system has been at the forefront of the high level cleaning industry. Reaching up to 40ft from the ground, the system only requires one person for operation and an average site can be inspected and cleaned in half a day.

Based on the SkyVac Industrial system, Spinaclean has now designed a new, advanced, portable gutter cleaning system - the SkyVac Interceptor. Spinaclean describes it as the ‘world’s first fully independent gutter cleaning system with its own on-board power plant’. Generating impressive suction power, this mobile system is powered by a robust Honda engine. Built in features include a tilting drum for easy emptying and a blow function feature for self-unblocking and removing pine needles and leaves.

Specifications include rapid air flow of 8000 litres per minute, a 90 litre drum and a 155 inch water lift, ensuring precision cleaning up to 40ft from the safety of the ground, eliminating the need for scaffolding and cherry pickers.

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