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All new from Contico

Published 14th June, 2012 by Neil Nixon

All new from Contico

Contico Manufacturing Ltd launched a number of new products at this year’s Interclean Exhibition held in Amsterdam. These included a range of all-in-one cleaning and mopping kits and a new window cleaning system - Cleano.

Cleano is a bucket-free indoor window cleaning system which enables users to safely clean windows without the need for steps or ladders. Cleano removes dirt, grime and bugs using the combined cleaning power of pure ionized water and a 23x10cm microfibre pad, which absorbs dirt and moisture leaving a clean, streak free finish to even the most difficult to reach windows.

Light and easy to carry and incorporating an adjustable telescopic handle, Cleano is an environmentally friendly way to clean inside windows, eliminating the need for costly chemicals and reducing working time by up to 50%.

Contico’s single boxed All-in-One Cleaning and Mopping Kits have been developed to offer a convenient and money saving solution to ordering tried and tested cleaning and moping products. With one item order number these kits are simple and quick to order and offer value solutions to everyday cleaning problems. The kits include an Economy Flat Mop & Cleaning Starter Kit; a Cleaning and Socket Mop Starter Kit; a Kentucky Mopping and Cleaning Starter Kit; and a Flat Mopping Starter Kit.

Cleano and the All-in-One Cleaning Kits are just two of some 30 new products now featured in Contico’s 2012 brochure.

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