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Advantage Leverstock

Published 22nd June, 2011 by Neil Nixon

Advantage Leverstock

Leverstock Green Tennis Club is celebrating its 50th birthday this year. Today, the membership ranges from age 8-80 years of age - and the hygiene and health of its members is of paramount importance.

Historically, fabric towels were used and laundered by committee members daily. As the facilities were upgraded, and usage increased, an alternative solution was clearly required. The club looked at hand washing and drying options.

“Hot Air dryers were not an attractive option - hygiene statistics showed us quite clearly that bacteria are not removed efficiently from hands using hot air dryers,” said Graham Fish, head coach. “With children sharing racquets and balls, germs can easily spread in a club environment. In addition, the toilets are next to the changing facilities. The last thing members need is to walk into an environment where warm, bacteria laden air is being blown around the changing room. We are promoting exercise, healthy living and making the most of an outdoor environment - to a family membership - so it was important for us to move to a product that supported this ethos.”

The club looked at a number of paper towel solutions but came across Katrin when one of the family members saw a Katrin health poster promoting ‘effective washing and drying your hands’ as the best way to avoid flus, coughs and colds. The club contacted Metsa Tissue and took some hand towel samples to see what members thought. The response was overwhelmingly positive, and so the decision was taken to source Katrin hand towels and dispensers.

As part of the 50th birthday celebrations, the club is being updated. Katrin hand towels are used in the members changing rooms and wiping solutions are also used in the kitchen and behind the club bar. Further significant investment has been made in all areas of the club and it is a vibrant part of the Leverstock Green Community.

“Today, the members take the hand towel solution for granted - it’s a quality solution that people expect when they pay a membership fee to belong to a club, and Katrin has really lived up to this expectation for us,” concluded Fish.

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