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ABM pledges unspent levy funds to create new apprenticeships

Published 15th December, 2021 by Neil Nixon

ABM pledges unspent levy funds to create new apprenticeships

ABM has pledged £192,000 to enable small and medium sized businesses and social enterprises to reskill low paid Londoners. Partnering with the London Progression Collaboration, the contribution will create apprenticeships which not only allow individuals to secure better-quality, higher-paying work, but also give London’s businesses the skills they need to thrive.

ABM’s investment, a portion of the company’s Apprenticeship Levy fund which went unspent due to COVID-19, will be directed to businesses in the FM, aviation and charity sectors. Within those sectors, the London Progression Collaboration will be targeting under-represented groups such as NEETs (those Not in Education, Employment, or Training), women in engineering and those experiencing homelessness. The two-year partnership will see the creation of level two to four apprenticeships which will build skills where there is a skills shortage.

Chris Townsend, ABM’s senior HR director, said: “COVID-19 disrupted many things, including our ability to spend our Apprenticeship Levy funds to their fullest extent. Working with the London Progression Collaboration ensures that that money is used effectively. We’re delighted to be moving forward with this partnership which will ultimately benefit our industry by creating more diversity and improving skills.”  

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