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ABM joins Business in the Community

Published 5th April, 2024 by Neil Nixon

ABM joins Business in the Community

ABM has joined Business in the Community, the largest and most influential responsible business network, supported by His Majesty the King for over 40 years. Business in the Community is dedicated to building a fairer and greener world, driven by fairer and greener businesses.

ABM is committed to progress as a responsible business and has joined companies who employ more than 20% of the UK workforce in a public commitment to changing business, transforming lives, and helping the planet and communities thrive.

Members of Business in the Community collaborate to take practical action to mobilise their collective strength as a force for good in society to help everyone reach their full potential. Businesses have an important role to play in addressing major societal challenges, and ABM is committed to making the UK a better place in which to live and work.

Richard Sykes, SVP and President, ABM UK & Ireland, said: “The work of becoming and remaining a responsible business is never over. It is essential that we continually take steps to improve and call on the knowledge and expertise of like-minded businesses to share best practice and innovation. We are proud to be a Business in the Community partner and look forward to the journey ahead.”

Mary Macleod, CEO of Business in the Community, said: “I am delighted that ABM has joined our network of businesses leading from the front to bring about long-term meaningful impact for the benefit of people, our communities, and our planet. Our vision is to create a fairer and greener world, driven by fairer and greener businesses. It is only through the commitment, collaboration, and innovation of organisations like ABM that we will make this ambition a reality. I am excited to see how our work together over the coming years will progress ABM’s responsible business journey.”

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