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ABCD annual conference and AGM

Published 21st June, 2011 by Neil Nixon

ABCD annual conference and AGM

The Association of Building Cleaning Direct Service Providers (ABCD) held its annual conference at the Queen Hotel in Chester, on Thursday 12 May 2011. Over 50 managers and supervisors directly involved in facilities management in the public sector were present to hear Pascoe Sawyers, director of the personal development company My Life Is My Business, convey his philosophies on motivation and career advancement during the event. Each session was designed to offer delegates guidance and advice which will help improve motivation amongst staff, colleagues and themselves, as the public sector grapples with a tough economic climate and increasingly demanding workloads.

After a welcome address by ABCD chairman Ken Baxter, Sawyers opened the day with a session on the basics of motivation, by highlighting the factors that underpin behaviour within the working environment. He then asked delegates to look at the power of motivation and how they can use it to get the most out of their staff or the teams they manage, followed by a self-analysis session, as delegates were asked to review their own motivational triggers and how they might ‘feed’ them.

The day then assumed a political angle, when members were asked to look at the motivators of elected members (councillors) in their decision making process, how they factored in their stakeholders during their working and motivator processes. This was tied into advice and strategies aimed to help delegates cope with and lead major change processes, as well as better understanding and predicting people’s behaviour, which then places managers in a superior position to influence events.

Later in the day, Sawyers asked delegates to look at ways in which they could apply the principle of MeFOCUS, one of the theories Sawyer’s authored in his book, mePLC. By aligning personalities with either fearlessness, optimism, creativity, uniqueness or storytelling, delegates were able to pinpoint the five key traits of individuals who are effective ‘leaders of self’. If correctly categorised, individuals are able to maximise their strengths and improve their personal and professional effectiveness, both with themselves and amongst their colleagues and friends.

Each participant left the day with a copy of their own personalised ‘motivational map’ report and a copy of MePLC: Your Life Is Your Business, Sawyers’ book on developing personal leadership strategies.