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A superior shine...without the use of chemicals

Published 30th January, 2017 by Neil Nixon

A superior shine...without the use of chemicals

New from Robert Scott & Sons Ltd, the Hi-Shine Multi Surface Kit has been designed for smear free cleaning. Ideal for quick, efficient cleaning of hard to reach glass surfaces in and around offices and commercial premises, the Hi-Shine Kit enables cleaners to reach high and difficult glass sections without the need for risk assessment.

The kit includes a telescopic handle incorporating a push-pull/cone fitting for flat mop frames. The handle’s rotating 'ergo-ball' top helps support the cleaner’s wrist whilst mopping, thus reducing strain and enabling fast and simple use. Each handle is 90cm in length which can then be extended to 162cm - sufficient to reach high internal windows, balustrades, shower screens, and glass panels. Also worth noting is that the handle fits Scott’s ‘Spanky’ high level cleaning tool and its cobweb brush.

Also included is an angled mop frame which fits onto the telescopic handle. This multi angled holder makes hard-to-reach areas easy to clean and is simple to manoeuvre into tight corners and hard to reach glass surfaces. A packet of five Microglass pads is also included together with a 600ml water spray bottle - this means no buckets are required, less water is used and there are no spills to worry about.

Finally, the Hi-Shine Kit also includes five Hi-Shine cloths - these 140gsm thick, semi disposable microfibre cloths are great for cleaning, wiping and drying all hard surfaces and provide smear-free cleaning on glass, stainless steel or any shiny surfaces. Highly absorbent, the Hi-Shine cloths can be used wet or dry on all surfaces - they dry quickly after use and are colour coded and machine washable.

Alastair Scott, sales and marketing director, said: “The Hi-Shine Kit has been designed to provide a quick and simple solution to cleaning internal glass or shiny surfaces, such as lift doors, and can be used equally effectively in high, hard to reach spots as well as on doors, screens and entrances. The kit carries everything needed and ensures safety when working at height for users and employees/visitors alike. Smear free cleaning which saves time and labour costs - we think it perfectly fulfils the demands of our customers and at a price that is more than attractive in these uncertain times.”

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