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A ‘quiet revolution’ in hand drying

Published 1st August, 2019 by Neil Nixon

A ‘quiet revolution’ in hand drying

Washroom services provider phs Group has formed a partnership with Mitsubishi Electric to launch a new hand dryer. The phsWhisper XL is a high-speed hand dryer which is claimed to be the quietest dryer in its class with eco-friendly low running costs. The air-curtain design of the Whisper XL dries hands in as little as nine seconds. With high efficient motors and air ducts, air flows from the dryer smoothly and quietly, generating a low operating sound as quiet as 56 decibels.

Paul Doble, CCO at phs, said: “The new partnership between phsand Mitsubishi Electric is genuinely exciting as it is has allowed us to bring to market a cutting-edge new product which is billed as a quiet revolution in hand drying. Traditional high-speed hand dryers have been criticised for their noise levels which can be nearly double that of the new Whisper XL. While this is appealing for any washroom environment, it will make a particular difference to vulnerable groups such as the elderly, dementia sufferers, young children, and hearing aid users. Because of their minimal acoustics, we believe it will become the hand dryer of choice in many sound-sensitive locations from businesses, libraries and universities to hospitals and hotels. However, while it is quiet, it is still remarkably powerful. While most people are said to spend no more than 20 seconds drying their hands, the Whisper XL outperforms this benchmark by completing the task in as little as nine seconds.”

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