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A platform for growth

Published 30th June, 2010 by Neil Nixon

A platform for growth

The recession has made many UK contract cleaning companies look internally at business processes and systems, and many are waking up to the reality that improved systems allow for business growth and cut unnecessary waste.

Templa Computer Systems Ltd, a software development company established in 1977, launched Templa-CMS in the Spring of last year. It is a fully integrated contract management system specifically designed for UK contract cleaning companies. The industry was seeking a modern, well-supported solution to replace the use of multiple, non- specific systems and Templa-CMS is now being rolled out at four key cleaning companies across the UK, with more on the way. These include: Exclusive Contracts, Hertfordshire; Glen Cleaning, Bristol; and Kentklean, Maidstone.

Rick Stoor, MD of Templa, said: “As an added advantage to the industry we bring our ability and track record of listening to customers’ needs and our commitment to growing and adapting Templa- CMS in line with this. The great benefit our company offers this industry is our quality-led development team who have been delivering reliable and trusted software to our UK and overseas customers for more than 30 years.”

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