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A helping hand to stay well this winter

Published 16th November, 2023 by Neil Nixon

A helping hand to stay well this winter

Gojo, the inventor of Purell, is advising organisations - particularly those in the care sector that look after the elderly and the vulnerable - to take steps to lessen the impact of seasonal viruses this winter.

Preparedness can save lives – last year’s influenza programme prevented around 25,000 hospitalisations in England[i]. This autumn and winter, COVID-19, flu and Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) are likely to be co-circulating which, according to Dr Marc-Alain Widdowson, who leads WHO's High-threat Pathogen team, ‘would increase the risk to vulnerable populations and put further pressure on health services.’[ii]

Whilst flu vaccines are a powerful weapon, good hand hygiene is a critical measure in the battle against winter infections. For healthcare and long-term care settings, which support vulnerable patients, Gojo recommends paying extra attention to their specific needs.

Chris Wakefield, VP European Marketing and Managing Director UK & Ireland, Gojo Industries-Europe Ltd, said: "As a founder member of the World Health Organization (WHO) Private Organizations for Patient Safety group, Gojo is a strong advocate of making hand hygiene second nature to everyone. Hospitals and care homes need to ensure that the protection solutions they select are suitable for everyone with a facility – staff, visitors, and patients alike. For example, consider touch-free dispensers that are easier for the elderly and infirm to operate, and ensure that the formulations are suitable too. They must not only have proven efficacy against germs, but should be gentle enough to care for resident’s delicate skin as well as that of busy healthcare workers, who clean their hands repeatedly during a shift."

Widely used in the NHS, Purell is a trusted brand in healthcare facilities around the world. Its solutions encompass fast-acting, effective formulas that care for skin, state of the art dispensers, and dedicated support such as the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) accredited training.



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