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20,000 people offered the chance to alleviate hygiene poverty

Published 23rd September, 2020 by Neil Nixon

20,000 people offered the chance to alleviate hygiene poverty

Many of the 14 million people in the UK living in poverty are forced to make tough choices between buying food, paying utilities or keeping clean. For the UK’s first National Hygiene Week, Cleanology teamed up with The Hygiene Bank, which raises awareness about hygiene poverty and distributes personal hygiene and cleaning products to those in need.

Cleanology founder and CEO, Dominic Ponniah (pictured with Cleanology staff), said: “The statistics are shocking. One fifth of the population is struggling with poverty, and two thirds of those people are in work. For many, the choice between spending money on food and on daily cleaning items is a harsh reality which we feel compelled to tackle.”

For National Hygiene Week, which ran from 14–20 September, Cleanology organised collections from 300 clients. It also encouraged its own staff to donate toiletries and hygiene products. As well as arranging the collections, it promoted the week through social media channels.

The Hygiene Bank founder, Lizzy Hall, said: “We started the charity to alleviate hygiene poverty in the UK, not thinking how significant the issue would be during a pandemic. Now, we not only need to keep clean, but also need to have a constant supply of PPE. That is a costly ask for many of us. Most of the issues we are addressing revolve around better financial security for all, not some. With that, we are very excited to host the first National Hygiene Week. During this week, we aim to raise awareness about the hidden crisis that is hygiene poverty in the UK.”

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