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C&M Online Issue
October 2020

This month's issue continues its coverage of the cleaning industry's role during the COVID-19 pandemic. This month’s report specifically looks at why cleaning must now be everyone’s responsibility together with a focus on chemical dispensers and their role as essential tools in achieving new levels of cleanliness.

Hospital and healthcare establishment hygiene is also in the spotlight this month. Following the end of what is fast becoming known as the first lockdown, A&E departments are filling up again, out-patient appointments are resuming and hospital visitors are gradually being welcomed back. So how can hospitals ensure that patients and visitors - as well as staff – are kept safe?

In addition, a report on thermo-fogging as a means of protection against COVID-19, written by Craig Mawlam, chairman of Ionic Systems, is featured.

We also have all the latest news, views, contract information, personnel changes, and new product launches from within the cleaning sector.

Wishing you a happy, clean, tidy and healthy month ahead.

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