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CSSA and the future of cleaning

Published 31st March, 2023 by Paul Ashton

CSSA and the future of cleaning

As the CSSA looks ahead on the Future of Cleaning, the Innovation Showcase at The London Cleaning Show has shown how the industry is changing as a result of technologies such as connected data from sensors, cobotics combined with increased focus on environmental, social and governance. It is exciting to see the scale of opportunity to diversify our scope of responsibilities.

The success of our industry’s ability to adapt will be determined by the way in which we recruit, train and develop the people who work both on the front-line and in the various central support functions. Whether you are a service provider or part of the supply-chain, there is no denying that the set of skills required is evolving. It is fantastic to see our membership leading the way in ESG, IT, Social Media-based roles that simply weren’t there 5 years ago and as a result, the CSSA is passionate about recognising the rising stars that we have working in such positions. There is a next generation of leaders working in various businesses who are highlight the amazing career opportunities that cleaning and hygiene offers.

We have a key role to play in supporting our membership by connecting like-minded people who want to raise the bar. A common thread across most conversations with our members is around how we attract talent, identify people who have the tenacity and skills to progress within our industry to create leaders for tomorrow. Our recent workshop held in February brought together a large group of members who want to make a difference and we spent our time looking at how we can add value to our members. A key outcome which we implemented immediately was the rising star debate sessions at the CSSA Innovation Show. Bringing together future leaders and integrating the debate with industry stalwarts created a unique format which we’ve not seen before to encourage meaningful interactions and knowledge sharing. Over the coming months, we will be creating specific communities where we proactively proactively bring people together to share experience, knowledge and views with purpose.

Of course, we must not lose focus on our front-line teams and work closer together as a wider industry to encourage formal recognition rightly deserved. It’s been highly encouraging to have positive, constructive discussions with fellow industry associations on possibilities about how we can work more collaboratively towards our common goal.

The time to step forwards and embrace change is now. By working together, sharing best practice and supporting the evolution of our industry, the value that we deliver will be enhanced and encourage recognition.

Exciting times indeed.

To find out more about becoming a CSSA member or get involved, please do contact: [email protected]

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