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Introducing the APPG for the UK Cleaning and Hygiene Industry Webinar Week...

Hosted by the BCC and C&M Magazine

Join us for a whole week of FREE webinars, where we will be discussing the work of the APPG for the UK Cleaning and Hygiene Industry.

C&M and the British Cleaning Council have collaborated to bring you the APPG Webinar Week, commencing on Monday 7 June at 14.00. Over the course of the week, C&M’s editor, Neil Nixon, will conduct a series of discussions, each looking at a different aspect of the APPG’s work and culminating in a Q&A Panel on Friday 11 June at 14.00. The webinars will be hosted on C&M's Adobe Connect channel and will then be archived for later viewing on the Cleaning & Maintenance website.

You can register for free for each event by using the links below.

About the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG)

The All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for the Cleaning and Hygiene Industry has the support of a sizeable number of MPs from all the major political parties as well as members of The House of Lords. The group exists to promote the critical importance of the cleaning and hygiene industry within Parliament, and to ensure the ambitions and challenges of the sector are heard and discussed at the highest level..
The British Cleaning Council acts in the role of secretariat and organises a number of steering groups working to deliver the industry’s clear focused objectives.

What is the APPG for the Cleaning and Hygiene Industry?- Register Here.

Neil Nixon speaks with Stephen Kerr.

The All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for the Cleaning and Hygiene Industry is made up of MPs and peers with the aim of promoting the critical importance of the cleaning and hygiene sectors in the UK. As the APPG’s secretariat, the British Cleaning Council gives support and advice but the APPG itself sets its own programme of priorities and events and exists to raise awareness of industry matters among parliamentarians and to address matters of public policy in all aspects of cleaning and hygiene. Stephen Kerr has been instrumental in establishing the APPG for the Cleaning and Hygiene Industry, and will provide an overview of how it works, why it is important, and what happens next.

The Challenge of Establishing Key Worker Status for Cleaning Operatives- Register Here.

Neil Nixon speaks with Paul Thrupp, Chairman of the British Cleaning Council.
The BCC has been calling for all frontline cleaning and hygiene industry staff to be recognised as key and/or essential workers since the pandemic began but, so far, the Government has not officially confirmed this. The APPG agreeing to prioritise this recognition for a ‘significant number’ of staff is a major step forward, helping to raise awareness of the essential roles cleaning personnel play in protecting health and helping the UK recover from and the ongoing containment of COVID-19. Paul Thrupp will discuss the importance of ensuring cleaning professionals receive the recognition they deserve.

Apprenticeships and training- Register Here.

Neil Nixon speaks with Delia Cannings, British Cleaning Council Director.

The BCC has established a steering group to work on a proposal for a cleaning and hygiene operative apprenticeship for the cleaning industry. This group will agree a white paper for consideration by the APPG. The proposal will ultimately need to be accepted by the Institute for Apprenticeships, but has a far greater chance of success if the APPG supports the idea. A recognised apprenticeship and training accreditation for the industry will, in turn, help demonstrate that cleaning and hygiene is an occupation requiring knowledge, skill and training. Delia Cannings, an established cleaning industry expert in training and education, will discuss the process and benefits of a successful implementation.

Brexit, immigration and employment- Register Here.

Neil Nixon speaks with Jim Melvin, Deputy Chairman of the British Cleaning Council.

The APPG intends to review where the Immigration & Social Security Coordination (EU Withdrawal) Act 2020 may impact the cleaning and hygiene industry. Freedom of movement ended at that time, as a points-based system came into force. Given there is no visa category for foreign nationals in ‘low skilled jobs’, the APPG will review the effect with the Government, especially given the current pandemic, to drive change. The Act will make recruitment harder when, as the pandemic has shown, cleaning work is highly skilled and crucial. The BCC doesn’t believe the industry can make up the shortfall from UK residents long-term, and trusts the APPG’s drive and support will raise awareness at the very highest level.

Questions from the audience- Register Here.

A round-up of the weeks' events, and an opportunity to put your questions to the panel.

Neil Nixon will moderate as all participants from the APPG Webinar Week appear on a panel to take questions from the audience relating to the previous four webinars.